The World We Live In…


Days seem hasty,
Nights are weary,
Mornings, though fresh,
Find us gloomy,
Glued to our beds –
Not wanting to wake,
Lost forever
In peaceful sleep,
Away from worries
On the pleasant moon.
World awaiting our duties
To be performed
Yet, with smiles,
Without complaints.
The world we dream of buying through struggles
Has only struggles when looked back.
Leaving behind happiness, family, friends, lover
And of course our age!!!




I woke up today,
High in spirit,
With colourful dreams
Of working great,
Something unusual,
Different from all days
Like lending helping hands
In household chores,
Trying my hand
In cooking food,
Read some books,
Cover all stories of the newspaper,
Complete the crosswords,
Dance like a lunatic,
Sing like a well-trained,
Pray with utmost devotion,
Praying for one and all
And many more to go.
But all I did today was just
Breathe, breathe and breathe;
I thought i needed a break
And so today –
Oh! It was just another day!

Roseleene Zackariyas

Peace and Love


Wounds may heal but scars remain
Of the love, both, lost and gain’d
Love is bound to mend the minds
Sometimes it breaks, sometimes it binds.

The greatest battles of the world
Are conquered by love and not by bold
The harsh and rough are its foes
The meek and silent with it go.

Love loses not but gains a lot
It melts the heart that bravely fought
The heart that sores, love repairs
And for its peace, love prepares.

I wish be blessed with thousand loves
Of kith and kin and folks and foes
My life with love shall easy be
And I may live on peacefully.

Roseleene Zackariyas

Genesis Recreated: Why God created women?


Hey buddies! Warm greetings and welcome to all to my own world of thoughts. Its been a week since my first blog. I take this wonderful opportunity to personally thank all my readers. Keep encouraging me so that I too may find myself a suitable place in the list of bloggers and writers.

Before starting my second blog, I would like to clarify that by writing this content I do not intend to hurt or offend anybody’s faith or feelings. Please do not take it personally.

Well, to start with, this idea came to me last night as I was deeply pondering over my uncle’s lonely state of life and the consequences and I started laughing to myself. I hope this makes you think over, refer and giggle.

As the name suggests, the content of the blog has a lot more to deal with the chapter of creation in the Holy Bible – Genesis. Through this blog I wish to take you through the actual Biblical version of creation of Eve and my version of creation of Eve. To break the ice, it is comical.

Note: If you are well-versed with the Biblical version, you may skip reading that part. For your benefit, I have separated both the versions with titles.

Biblical Version:
Bible readers are surely well aware of the story of creation. However, giving a gist of the same might help for understanding of my version. Here it goes,

On the first day of creation, God said “Let there be light” and so He separated light from darkness. He named the light “Day” and the darkness “Night”.
On the second day, God separated earth from the sky.
On the third day, God separated water from the land. He named waterbody as “Sea” and landmass as “Earth”.
On the fourth day, God created birds for the sky and fishes for the sea and gave them the power of multiplication through reproduction. He also created varieties of plants and trees.
On the fifth day, God created all kinds of animals – domestic and wild, large and small.
On the sixth day, God took mud, formed a man, blew life in him and gave him the power over the birds, fishes, trees and animals. God named the man Adam.
God was pleased with His works and blessed the seventh day and considered it a day for rest.
However, not all was done, for man was all alone to look after His creations. So God said, “It is not good for man to live alone. I will make a suitable companion to help him.”
Then God made the man fall into a deep sleep and took out one of Adam’s ribs, closed up the flesh, formed a woman out of the rib and brought her to Adam to be his companion, who eventually became his wife. Adam named his wife Eve because she was the mother of all human beings. So, this is how and why Eve was created, according to Genesis – to accompany man.

My version:
Lets peep into my version of why God created Eve. Allow me to make a slight change in the last part of the Biblical version, i.e. after the creation of Adam.

It so happened. God gave Adam power over all the created beings. Adam was overwhelmed with everything he came across – the birds, the fishes, the fruits, the food, almost everything. However after a period of time Adam became restless due to his Overtime duty of looking after birds and animals since they reproduced and multiplied in numbers.

Eventually as time passed on, Adam grew tired of looking after everything. Finally when he could take no more, he decided to call onto God and started complaining about the growing strength and numbers of all, even trees and plants and as a result, his inability to take care of them. Adam’s grievances grew day by day and his complaints increased. Everytime he called onto God only to highlight his inability to look after everything and so he demanded that God take away what he blessed the animals, birds and others with. God found that he could hold Adam in His way no longer. So He thought for a while and made Adam fall into deep sleep and the story follows as mentioned above and ultimately created Eve.

This is not the end. The story continues further. Things go fine with the first man and woman until a day when Adam and Eve decide to split chores between themselves. Adam agrees to do hunting, cutting woods and other outdoor chores while Eve agrees to do cooking and other household works.

Once Adam returns home very late from hunting and cutting woods. Eve gets annoyed and disappointed and starts throwing tantrums at Adam, grumbles and ends up complaining Adam does nothing useful, he does not help her with any of her household chores, etc. This continues for many days. Adam, finally getting angry and frustrated, bursts out, calls onto God again and asks why on earth He created woman, if she too is incapable of holding things at place? God silently stares at Adam, glances from top to bottom and patiently replies, “Son, I created her so that you could know how it feels to listen to complaints and grumblings all the time. Now on, man will stay shut forever and the women of the house will do the honour. My work is finished. Now finally I can be at peace.” Since that day man has no time to answer the complaints and grumblings of women because he is so busy listening to hers.

I hope you can relate this with almost all women on earth. Women have actually taken men’s job, only the victim is changed. Hence, God found the solution to His problem in women.

No offense. Peace out.

Thanks for reading.

Roseleene Zackariyas

Art v/s Life


For three barren years
I produced no fruit
To my wit so torpid
I fed no food.

Lost in the thoughts
Of a world so high
Of leisure and pain
Seldom moist often dry.

Cradled the leisure
To kill the pain
The mastery I learnt
Rests there in vain.

My path so beautiful,
So calm and secure
Is defiled by material
So vile and impure.

goodness gracious

Mysteries unlocked


Warm greetings to one and all and welcome to my realm of knowledge and interesting, perhaps unknown facts (about our world and beyond).
Well you might want to think as to what made me suddenly jump into this ocean of vast information and swim across the indispensible art to bring out the essence of it. Then here is your pre-anticipated answer:
Just a Monday afternoon, with no nuts to break except for browsing (all right, chatting) I thought of doing something sensible and useful. Thats when I rolled my eyes over my library stand and found a certain set of 5 books, all dusty, untouched for several months (except for cleaning), ignored, pale and poor, staring at me from the corner like a helpless child waiting in the corner to be picked up by someone for labour. Huh! You might have understood the condition of the book! After few minutes of ignorance and reluctance, i finally found myself irresistible and stretched my hand to pull that helpless child for work, at least to go through the pictures in it to kill my boring time.
You might want to know the name of the book as well but please pardon me for holding the name; as they say, if you reveal your secret, it will counter-attack you someday. But i promise to unveil the book’s name at the end of my last share of knowledge from the book.

Meanwhile, half-uninterested, I opened the cover of the book and glanced through the contents in the index and to my surprise i found over 300 questions, that intelligent young mind always ponder and ask, waiting to be answered in the upcoming pages. The book deals with questions from almost all fields, like the world in which we live, its origin and so on and so forth. The index got me dumbstruck and after a long eye-widening reaction, i chose my topic of interest, the one which always fascinated me – Aurora Borealis or The Northern Lights.


It is really astonishing how i couldn’t hold myself from flipping over the pages and reading the other topics as well. Some of the interesting topics that got my hair standing on end are – Discovery of America before Columbus, the concept of and purpose behind having last names, etc.

Now, let me demonstrate a topic that awakened my sleeping mind like with a splash of water. Do you have any idea of how our calendar actually began? Or how the word ‘month’ originated? Or how and why the Gregorian calendar got its name? Ok, At your service to explain the interesting phenomenon. Actually this topic has got much more to do with the crop cultivation.
When men first began to plant seeds and harvest crops, they noticed that the time for planting came at a regular time each year. Then they tried to count how many days came between one planting time and the next. This was man’s first attempt to find out how long a year was!
However, the ancient Egyptians were the first to measure a year with any exactness. They knew the best time to plant was right after the River Nile overflowed each year. (Please pay attention to the upcoming explanation since the second question i.e. the origin of the word ‘month’ is to be answered.) Now, their priests noticed that between each overflowing, the moon rose 12 times. So they counted 12 moonths or months and figured out when the Nile would rise again.
But it still wasn’t exact enough. At last the Egyptian priests noticed that each year, about the time of the flood, a certain bright star would rise just before the sun rose. They counted the days that passed before this happened again and found that it added up to 365 days. But can you believe this was 6000 years ago! And before that no one had ever known that there were 365 days in a year! Interesting, isn’t it? (I wonder how people before the discovery of this fact managed with their festivals!!)
Further, the Egyptians divided this year into 12 months of 30 days each, with 5 extra days at the end of the year. (Imagine if it existed today, we would have 36 days in December!) Thus, they invented the first calendar.
Eventually, the calendar was based not on the moon (lunar calendar) but on the number of days (365 1/4) it takes the earth to go around the sun (solar calendar). (So they already knew that sun is still and the earth revolves! Who then confused the later generation with the earth’s revolution?) The extra quarter of day began to cause more and more confusion. Finally, Julius Caesar decided to straighten it all out. He ordered that the year 46 B.C. should have 445 days to “catch up”, and that every year from then on was to have 365 days, except every fourth year. This fourth year would have a leap year of 366 days to use up the fraction left over in each ordinary year. (How intelligent!)
But as time went on it was discovered that Easter and other holy days were not coming where they belonged in the seasons. Too many “extra” days had piled up. (Now its time that i answer the third question, “Gregorian”, remember?) After all this mess, in the year 1582, Pope Gregory XIII decided to do something about it. He ordered that ten days should be dropped from the year 1582. (Now please go to google and type Gregorian calendar 1582 and check if you can find anything interesting. If so then please share in the comments.) Further to this, to keep the calendar accurate for all future time, he ordered that leap year should be skipped in the last year of every century unless that year could be divided by 400. Thus 1700, 1800, 1900 were not leap years but the year 2000 was a leap year. (Too brainy!)
This system is called the Gregorian calendar and is now used all over the world for everyday purposes, though various religions still use their own calendar for religious purposes.
So cool to know this fact and share with you. Trust me if encyclopedia had not had the existing meaning, i would have declared this book as encyclopedia. Thank you for your patience. Hope to fill you with some more interesting facts.


The earth mourns your death, Dear Sir,
Who hath the souls of youngsters stir’d,
With spark of light to dream the dreams
That lets no rest or gives no sleep. 


With all our love and respect due
In hours of dusk we look to you
To free our minds off fear and pain
And give us hand and lift us again. 


Our Mother cries through million eyes
Detesting the pain of bidding you goodbye,
Though welcome in her earthly womb,
She’ll miss your lively breath in tomb.


Such splendid is your love for her
She wraps you in her Tricolour
With severe passion your deeds you hurl
Our Mother’s saree, with pride, unfurl.


With honour high our heads held though;
With utmost sadness our grief we show-
For the Mighty Mind that read the space
Now lays still, asleep with a silent face.


(That Last Minute…)
And lo! the end of glorious charm-
Our Mother squeezes him tightly in her arm.
Look the epitome of might indeed,
Is laid to rest in the mud, beneath.


The faith departed leaves our shore,
With millions of buds singing his lore.
We leave you, Dear Sir, with an aching heart
And return our home with your dreams to start.


RIP (Return If Possible) People’s Prez.

goodness gracious