I looked at the sky,

The Sun was bright;

I asked for his help

To care for my knight;

Who lives far away,

Away from my sight;

But down went the sun

And there came the night.


The Moon was full;

I called with delight;

Quick came the reply –

“What after fort-night?”

I turned toward the Stars

Shining bright with their light,

They showed me the clouds

Which, when full, hov’r and hide.

I talked to the Breeze,

It stood by my right;

But when Summer came ‘long,

The cold breeze too died;

I stood, my faith low,

Hung my head down and cried,

Then I gazed at the Space,

Long, stretched and wide.

I made the good Heavens

And endless space abide

My humble plea, for love,

To bear, care and guide;

For Heavens to bestow

The Blessings of the Might,

If love be torn apart by space,

Then, let our love, by space, unite.