Deceit wore the mask of love,

This hardly did I know;

I often got deceived by lovers

Whose pretence took off the show.


They vowed to keep it safe, my heart-

The innocent of its kind;

I failed to notice their deception art,

Its perfection got me blind.


They asked for heart, I gave my soul,

Every breath I breathed for them,

They played with it, and proved me fool,

For my folly they condemned.


I reached out my hand to make demand

Of my heart which once I gave;

They thrusted with force my bleeding heart,

And made me know them knave.


Once so pure and kind and fine –

My heart that used to be,

Is now pierced with thousand needles

By those who wanted me.


I hold my bleeding heart in hand;

Dumbstruck, numb and terrified,

With utter force the blood gush forth

I know not if it died.


But many wait in queue to play –

Their motive now I see;

Oh! Not again shall I offer love,

I’ll keep my heart with me.