Aching ‘pon the cruel face,

Raised up by our fallen race,

Craving for a minute grace,

I beg be cared though not be praised.

I often cry with bleeding tears

That which fall on unhearing ears,

I pound with utter pain and cry,

They see me die yet ask not why.

They push me down and hit me hard,

Hurt my soul, wound my heart,

Rape my body, tear me ‘part,

Kill my dreams and make me tart.

Regard me low, curb my growth,

Hold my tongue, glue my mouth,

Gag my throat, gasp my breath,

I give in and gulp my wrath.

Thrust me with laws, force to abide,

Thrash me with weapons and turn on me wild,

Ask me to walk slow, follow a man,

My only big sin is I am a woman.