Hey buddies! Warm greetings and welcome to all to my own world of thoughts. Its been a week since my first blog. I take this wonderful opportunity to personally thank all my readers. Keep encouraging me so that I too may find myself a suitable place in the list of bloggers and writers.

Before starting my second blog, I would like to clarify that by writing this content I do not intend to hurt or offend anybody’s faith or feelings. Please do not take it personally.

Well, to start with, this idea came to me last night as I was deeply pondering over my uncle’s lonely state of life and the consequences and I started laughing to myself. I hope this makes you think over, refer and giggle.

As the name suggests, the content of the blog has a lot more to deal with the chapter of creation in the Holy Bible – Genesis. Through this blog I wish to take you through the actual Biblical version of creation of Eve and my version of creation of Eve. To break the ice, it is comical.

Note: If you are well-versed with the Biblical version, you may skip reading that part. For your benefit, I have separated both the versions with titles.

Biblical Version:
Bible readers are surely well aware of the story of creation. However, giving a gist of the same might help for understanding of my version. Here it goes,

On the first day of creation, God said “Let there be light” and so He separated light from darkness. He named the light “Day” and the darkness “Night”.
On the second day, God separated earth from the sky.
On the third day, God separated water from the land. He named waterbody as “Sea” and landmass as “Earth”.
On the fourth day, God created birds for the sky and fishes for the sea and gave them the power of multiplication through reproduction. He also created varieties of plants and trees.
On the fifth day, God created all kinds of animals – domestic and wild, large and small.
On the sixth day, God took mud, formed a man, blew life in him and gave him the power over the birds, fishes, trees and animals. God named the man Adam.
God was pleased with His works and blessed the seventh day and considered it a day for rest.
However, not all was done, for man was all alone to look after His creations. So God said, “It is not good for man to live alone. I will make a suitable companion to help him.”
Then God made the man fall into a deep sleep and took out one of Adam’s ribs, closed up the flesh, formed a woman out of the rib and brought her to Adam to be his companion, who eventually became his wife. Adam named his wife Eve because she was the mother of all human beings. So, this is how and why Eve was created, according to Genesis – to accompany man.

My version:
Lets peep into my version of why God created Eve. Allow me to make a slight change in the last part of the Biblical version, i.e. after the creation of Adam.

It so happened. God gave Adam power over all the created beings. Adam was overwhelmed with everything he came across – the birds, the fishes, the fruits, the food, almost everything. However after a period of time Adam became restless due to his Overtime duty of looking after birds and animals since they reproduced and multiplied in numbers.

Eventually as time passed on, Adam grew tired of looking after everything. Finally when he could take no more, he decided to call onto God and started complaining about the growing strength and numbers of all, even trees and plants and as a result, his inability to take care of them. Adam’s grievances grew day by day and his complaints increased. Everytime he called onto God only to highlight his inability to look after everything and so he demanded that God take away what he blessed the animals, birds and others with. God found that he could hold Adam in His way no longer. So He thought for a while and made Adam fall into deep sleep and the story follows as mentioned above and ultimately created Eve.

This is not the end. The story continues further. Things go fine with the first man and woman until a day when Adam and Eve decide to split chores between themselves. Adam agrees to do hunting, cutting woods and other outdoor chores while Eve agrees to do cooking and other household works.

Once Adam returns home very late from hunting and cutting woods. Eve gets annoyed and disappointed and starts throwing tantrums at Adam, grumbles and ends up complaining Adam does nothing useful, he does not help her with any of her household chores, etc. This continues for many days. Adam, finally getting angry and frustrated, bursts out, calls onto God again and asks why on earth He created woman, if she too is incapable of holding things at place? God silently stares at Adam, glances from top to bottom and patiently replies, “Son, I created her so that you could know how it feels to listen to complaints and grumblings all the time. Now on, man will stay shut forever and the women of the house will do the honour. My work is finished. Now finally I can be at peace.” Since that day man has no time to answer the complaints and grumblings of women because he is so busy listening to hers.

I hope you can relate this with almost all women on earth. Women have actually taken men’s job, only the victim is changed. Hence, God found the solution to His problem in women.

No offense. Peace out.

Thanks for reading.

Roseleene Zackariyas