A complete silence prevailed. He touched her shoulder with warm hands. She turned back and hugged him tighter than ever. Tears filled her eyes and few sobbings followed. For a moment he could not understand but knew for sure that something was wrong. Her rough past had suddenly crept in in her mind. With not even a single question he hugged her even tighter, allowing her to cry her heart out, drinking his own tears. After all was done, she stepped out, gave a mild smile, looked at him at said, “Thank you”. He wiped her tears with his soft hands and replied, “No sweetheart, it’s ‘I Love You’.”



The poem is about a lover’s plea to all the natural sources to take care of the lover’s innocent lover who is far away from her sight. Finally, the lover approaches the endless space (…




I looked at the sky,

The Sun was bright;

I asked for his help

To care for my knight;

Who lives far away,

Away from my sight;

But down went the sun

And there came the night.


The Moon was full;

I called with delight;

Quick came the reply –

“What after fort-night?”

I turned toward the Stars

Shining bright with their light,

They showed me the clouds

Which, when full, hov’r and hide.

I talked to the Breeze,

It stood by my right;

But when Summer came ‘long,

The cold breeze too died;

I stood, my faith low,

Hung my head down and cried,

Then I gazed at the Space,

Long, stretched and wide.

I made the good Heavens

And endless space abide

My humble plea, for love,

To bear, care and guide;

For Heavens to bestow

The Blessings of the Might,

If love be torn apart by space,

Then, let our love, by space, unite.

For “too long”!


I am insane, because I have been sane for too long,

I am bad, because I have been good for too long,

I am loose, because I have been perfect for too long,

I am careless, because I have been cautious for too long,

I am strong, because I have been weak for too long,

I am happy, because I have been sad for too long,

I am smiling, because I have been in tears for too long,

I am flirty, because I have been true for too long,

I am unapologetic, because I have been sacrificial for too long,

I am social, because I have been lonely for too long,

And “too long” is the time when I was with you!



Deceit wore the mask of love,

This hardly did I know;

I often got deceived by lovers

Whose pretence took off the show.


They vowed to keep it safe, my heart-

The innocent of its kind;

I failed to notice their deception art,

Its perfection got me blind.


They asked for heart, I gave my soul,

Every breath I breathed for them,

They played with it, and proved me fool,

For my folly they condemned.


I reached out my hand to make demand

Of my heart which once I gave;

They thrusted with force my bleeding heart,

And made me know them knave.


Once so pure and kind and fine –

My heart that used to be,

Is now pierced with thousand needles

By those who wanted me.


I hold my bleeding heart in hand;

Dumbstruck, numb and terrified,

With utter force the blood gush forth

I know not if it died.


But many wait in queue to play –

Their motive now I see;

Oh! Not again shall I offer love,

I’ll keep my heart with me.

MY THOUGHTS (T-Shirt Tags)


  1. A mother’s saree is the best blanket ever!
  2. The difference between good and evil is SACRIFICE; good sacrifices itself whereas evil sacrifices others.
  3. Prayer is as important for a spiritual life as oxygen is for a physical life.
  4. No matter how much ever new technologies you build up to secure our future, the future is always unknown.
  5. Life is an FD (Fixed Deposit). Deposit your prayers daily. You may not be able to avail miracles daily but you can always be sure of availing a big miracle through those prayers when you need it the most (with interest of course).
  6. What actually defines love is the sacrifice that you make to keep it alive. Trust matters the least in this case.
  7. Whether you like them or not, people continue to exist. Learn to ignore them if you don’t like, instead of arguing with them over issues.
  8. When your mouth shuts, your mind works.
  9. Don’t talk about one’s journey unless you have walked in his/her shoes!!
  10. Sometimes you may feel like killing some irritating idiots in your life. Well then, I suggest, kill them… but in your thoughts and move on assuming they are dead. Actions are necessary, but not always.
  11. Nothing is more dangerous than a wounded heart; but again, nothing is more compassionate than a wounded heart.
  12. Nothing in this world is as happy as a loving and a grateful heart.
  13. Being grateful at the best moment of life is normal, but being grateful at the worst phase is worth respect. No matter how bad the day was today, life always offers a second chance. Be thankful for you can breathe and live tomorrow and accomplish what you couldn’t achieve today. Life isn’t fair but it is worth living.
  14. Happiness comes from within the heart. If you are not happy from the inside, then you can never be happy from the outside, no matter how much ever you try and how much ever you pretend.
  15. If only forgetting the pain was as easy as forgiving the one who gave it…life would have been much easier.
  16. At times, people fail to realise that their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness and vice-versa.
  17. Happy moments are to be cherished; not to be captured. Focus on the most important part always.
  18. If staying away from home can get you home-sick then shouldn’t staying away from sea get you sea-sick?
  19. If you are not serving God, you are certainly serving Satan.
  20. Uneducated innocents are better than educated fools.
  21. You are always young to fall in love (with your soul mate of course).
  22. You know you are in India when you see garbage bin empty but dumps of litter in litter-free zone; vehicles parked at no-parking area; posters stuck on walls mentioned “Do not stick bills or posters”.
  23. Luck never plays any role in life, your efforts and prayers do.
  24. Life is good… Make it better.
  25. Life is meaningful when lived in its simplicity; abandoning all the worldly pleasures and riches. Life is meaningful in giving more than what we have.
  26. A little struggle is always worth the wait.
  27. If you think deeply there is no line between philosophical life and practical life… belief is all that matters.
  28. Life is fair by all means… only we make it unfair.
  29. True happiness lies in childhood… so become a child again and cherish the moments.
  30. Never hold on to anything which holds you from moving forth.
  31. Stop expecting, start accepting!! Accept life the way it comes to you and you’ll learn to live happily ever after.
  32. There are two kinds of people in this world:
    1. Who love you to any extent;
    2. Who don’t give a damn about you.
  33. Mere dreaming without actions is as useless as a body without soul… it will take you nowhere.
  34. If you are happy in your bachelor life then its time probably you should get married… after all happiness is not everything in life. LOL.
  35. The loyalty and compassion of a person is often measured by what he/she talks behind your back.
  36. Talk English as if it is our mother tongue. If you go wrong, don’t be ashamed, because it is not our mother tongue.
  37. If a girl can be a boy’s best friend then she can be his worst enemy too… Depends!!
  38. Happiness + sadness = Life
    Happiness = life – sadness.
    Keep it simple, silly!!
  39. After so many years of work experience, i have realised one important fact: Your friends can be your colleagues but your colleagues can seldom be your friends… Choose wisely!
  40. The happiest person on earth is the one who doesn’t expect anything from anyone.
  41. True love is… forgiving even the undeserving. Not too many excel in it.
  42. No matter how much ever you are nice to people around you, they still tend to speak bad about you behind your back. Stay away from such dangerous species.
  43. “Something is better than nothing” and “nothing is better than something” can convey the same meaning if read and understood properly.
  44. Things and people that are meant to be yours will eventually be yours.
  45. After a certain point of time in life, things become too difficult to handle, for example, WIFE!
    (peace out, no offense)
  46. Rich and poor are not to be compared to Heaven and Hell. Neither are all rich people saints; nor are all poor people sinners.
  47. Liking and trusting are two different things… you can like all whom you trust; but you can’t trust all whom you like. And so is the same with liking and loving!
  48. There is a whole lot of difference between smart acting and acting smart!
  49. Nobody realises the value of a branch of a tree in the middle of a cliff slope unless someone accidentally slips from the cliff and holds onto that branch, clinging to it for safety of life… likewise it is with God… He is that branch to which you hold while in crisis. Do not cut Him off.
  50. I always wonder how some people grumble so proficiently… it’s like as if they’ve done a certified course or something in it.



Aching ‘pon the cruel face,

Raised up by our fallen race,

Craving for a minute grace,

I beg be cared though not be praised.

I often cry with bleeding tears

That which fall on unhearing ears,

I pound with utter pain and cry,

They see me die yet ask not why.

They push me down and hit me hard,

Hurt my soul, wound my heart,

Rape my body, tear me ‘part,

Kill my dreams and make me tart.

Regard me low, curb my growth,

Hold my tongue, glue my mouth,

Gag my throat, gasp my breath,

I give in and gulp my wrath.

Thrust me with laws, force to abide,

Thrash me with weapons and turn on me wild,

Ask me to walk slow, follow a man,

My only big sin is I am a woman.